Three Voice Over Recording Tips For Your Business

Attempting to create your own high quality videos to advertise or improve your business requires special attention to the voice over work. This is especially true if you are publishing how-to or education videos on your website or to a social channel for the benefit of your customers. The following tips can help you improve the voice overs on your videos.

Tip #1: Begin With a Good Script

The key to a good how-to or instructional video is to let the images do most of the talking. This is especially true with online content, where users may be distracted or in a noisy environment. Keep the script simple – provide key details in short, concise sentences and leave some silence between short paragraphs of speech. Soft background music will fill the audio gap, while the images on the video will convey much of the information. Advertising videos require less dead air and more lines, but stick to short, punchy sentences that deliver key information without rambling on.

Tip #2: Use the Right Equipment

It’s easier than ever to record and edit professional quality videos with the advent of inexpensive software and recording hardware, but the sound work can still be tricky to do on your own. You need a quiet room and a quality mic so you don’t have feedback, buzzing, static, or background noise. You also need quality audio editing software, so you can further fine tune the voice over into a smooth and even audio track. It takes practice to master at-home recording and editing. In many cases, it is more cost-effective for the small business owner to hire a voice over recording studio and voice over experts to bring the script to life.

Tip #3: Find Good Actors

The best voice over artists don’t sound like they are reading from a script. They can convey emotion, expertise, or anything else you need with just the powers of their voice. Their voice is also pleasant to listen to and easy to understand, with clear enunciation and no strong accents or hissing sounds. If you or an employee has an excellent speaking voice that sounds good on a recording, you can do your own voice over work. Rent a recording studio to produce your audio with you as the voice actor. Otherwise, hire a professional voice over actor or actress to do the work for you. The result will be a professional product that is sure to please your customer base.

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